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LS16 6NU

Lord Cholmondeley's

How Posh is my Neighbourhood?

By jove!
LS16 6NU Neighbourhood in Leeds is

20% POSH

says Lord Cholmondeley.

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Quote from Lord Cholmondeley

By George! I'm frightfully disappointed to place you rather firmly at the lower end of society. You seem like such a delightful old bean, but I'm afraid mummy would not let me become associated with riffraff from Leeds. Even Tinshill is a classier place to live. Honestly, old bean, you're better off leaving West Yorkshire as soon as you possibly can. Have you thought about moving to a decent area, such as Holt Park? I've heard there are a few nicer terraced properties up for sale in your price range there.

What a frightful shame that you missed out on the chance of obtaining a basic education. My daughter Arabella was telling me the other day that she played hockey against the ghastly children from Roundhay School in Leeds North East. Perhaps when you get your inheritance you'll be able to convince the authorities that your children are of a higher social status than you are. Still, I've heard that McDonalds in Leeds are seeking new staff, so it's not all bad news. Chin up, old bean.

I say, what a frightful inconvenience living in Leeds. What a beastly area. Jeeves had to drive the Bentley through a red light just to avoid stopping in such a deprived area. Poor chap. All those council houses certainly bring out the worst in people, wouldn't you say?

Jolly sad to hear you need to head down to the pawn brokers in Tinshill to afford your family holiday at Butlins this year. My housekeeper has told me that there is a vacancy in my kitchen staff. Do let me know if you're interested, old chap. We would be delighted to offer you a minimum wage. Just don't steal the family silver. It's been handed down for centuries and it's worth a small fortune. If you want to discuss, then meet me at Cookridge Hall Golf Club in Leeds sometime soon. Just don't talk to the other members, in case they think we're chums.

Right. I'm orf for supper with my good lady. Toodle pip, old bean.

Oh, before I shoot off and get squiffy with my chums at the country club, if you are curious to find out more about your neighbourhood, then grab yourself a copy of a ZoomLocal Neighbourhood Report. Those clever chaps can give you a proper report that reveals everything you need to know about your neighbourhood. Chop chop.

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Most likely:

Job Title
Unemployed Layabout
Daily Sport
TV Programme
Jeremy Kyle
Drives a
Perodua Kenari
Alcoholic Drink
Stella Artois
Evening Meal
Pepperoni Pizza

What what, old bean.

Lord Cholmondeley

I say. Isn't this jolly. Thanks for stopping by. I do hope that you have enjoyed my rather outrageous little quiz today.

If you're perusing this rather spiffing website and wonder what on earth all this nonsense is all about, then rest assured that although I have used official data from official sources to compile my analysis of your neighbourhood, it's all good fun.

Of course, it's all rather silly stuff, and I do hope my tittle-tattling has been taken as it is intended - a little lighthearted fun instead of watching that ghastly Eastenders on the television box on your Ikea sofa.

If you are curious to discover more about your neighbourhood area (to find out where the riff-raff are), do pop along to, old bean.

This marvelous website is a super place to download even more information about any neighbourhood in good old Blighty.

LS16 6NU

Where do I get this poppycock?

Ahhh, now you're asking all the right questions, my chum.

You'll be rather pleased to hear that although this tomfoolery is just a bit of fun, the information behind How Posh am I is rather more authoritative.

When you furnish me with your postcode I cross-reference this information with millions of records of official information in my vast (and rather superior) brain. I am, after all, part of society's intelligentsia.

The information I use to find out how posh you are is derived from local authorities, the Office of National Statistics (ONS), Census 2011 records, and other rather insightful databases that enable me to judge you and your social class... by your postcode alone!

Before you get your knickers in a twist, rest assured that I cannot identify any personal information about you - or others - in your neighbourhood. Each postcode I evaluate for society's riff-raff may contain dozens of properties; perhaps more if you are unfortunate enough to live in a frightful terraced house.

Do head over to if you are interested in a more professional insight into your neighbourhood. These chaps are the renowned experts in producing Neighbourhood Reports that are a marvelous help when deciding where to move house to. Because we all should strive towards a better social class, what what.


ZoomLocal's spiffing Neighbourhood Reports tell you everything there is to know about any postcode, including demographics, crime rates, house prices, environmental concerns, local transport, and much more old chap.

It takes away the guesswork and risk of moving house to a bad neighbourhood. Both you and I know this is frightfully important to avoid the riff-raff.

Right, I'm orf. Don't forget to tell someone else about this spiffing website to inspire them towards a higher social rank too. Toodle pip.

Cholmondeley Signature

For the frightfully dull.

My good wife Lady Elizabeth has quite rightly informed me that the more perspicacious of you may be interested in the data behind my analysis of your social standing.

Of course, without research it's extremely tiresome for me to determine your social standing without referring to the odd snippet of data.

So, without further ado, here are the individual scores for income, employment, education et cetera.

As well as cross-referencing your neighbourhood with ONS data, I also analyse other records in ZoomLocal's voluminous amounts of data to allow me to determine how posh you are.

Using my vastly superior mind, I can then determine your neighbourhood rank, and of course establish your social class.

By jove, it's clever stuff. Go ahead, take a gander at how it's done:

Adult Skills218337
House PriceN/a9

*Percentile: used in statistics indicating the value below which a given percentage in a group fall. For example, if your percentile is 8, then 80% of postcodes score better than you.

Have a good nosey

Curious to know what other peasant's posh scores are?

Well, my old chum, here's a list of the most recent postcodes that the riff-raff have been daft enough to ask me about.

Go ahead, have a good gander. Feel free to chuckle at other people's misfortunes, why don't you.

I've also got a live leaderboard to see if any of you oiks think you can match my perfect score of 100%.

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ME17 4JW45%
BR2 8AA53%
BR6 6BX63%
LS16 6NU22%
SW18 5AP67%
TA6 5JQ42%
RG41 5AT55%
CT4 6UL52%
GU2 4EP45%
GU2 4AW45%