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How Posh is my Neighbourhood?

Enter your postcode to find out what Lord Cholmondeley REALLY thinks of your neighbourhood.

Spiffing, old bean.

Lord Cholmondeley

I say. Isn't this jolly. My name is Lord Cholmondeley, and it's rather marvellous to meet you, old bean.

My good wife Lady Elizabeth and I were enjoying some canapés with a nice bottle of Chateau Lafite at the country club a short while ago. We were discussing the merits of being so frightfully posh, and how it distinguishes us from the riff-raff in the suburbs.

After we'd guffawed loudly at our obscene bank statement, Lady Elizabeth shrieked with delight when she came up with the rather marvellous idea of using our social status to help people discover how posh their neighbourhood is.

"Bravo, my darling wife", I exclaimed in delight, "what a positively spiffing idea!". After all, if it helps raise the social standing of society's countless working class, what a jolly good thing it could be. We might even make some new best chums that we can invite round for tiffin.

At the very least, we might see more residents wearing Barbour and Joules apparel around the local village, rather than those ghastly tracksuits the chavs seem to wear with their underpants on display. One can only hope.

Anyway, would you believe it? Gosh, it turns out that our butler Jeeves is a dab-hand at putting together a website, so I set him to work right away. Bravo, Jeeves. What fun!

Once we got back from a weekend away at the Regatta we were delighted that Jeeves had put it all together. He's jolly good at these sorts of things.

Once I had cast my beady eyes over it and tested our own postcode (of course, we naturally scored 100%), we decided to let the riff-raff give it a whirl for themselves. And here you are, old chap; welcome to

Let's make one thing clear, old bean. I am frightfully honest in my appraisal of your neighbourhood. If you're devoid of class and live in a grotty neighbourhood you'll think I'm a complete rotter. So if you are impoverished - and easily upset - you should clear orf back in front of Eastenders on your Ikea sofa scoffing your cheese and onion crisps.

Right, let's get started. Pop your postcode into the box above, and I'll do my very best to help you find out whether you're an oik or an aristocrat, based on your postcode. Chop chop, let's get going.

Posh Aristocrat

Have a good nosey

Curious to know what other peasant's posh scores are?

Well, my old chum, here's a list of the most recent postcodes that the riff-raff have been daft enough to ask me about.

Go ahead, have a good gander. Feel free to chuckle at other people's misfortunes, why don't you.

I've also got a live leaderboard to see if any of you oiks think you can match my perfect score of 100%.

See the Leaderboard

ME17 4JW45%
BR2 8AA53%
BR6 6BX63%
LS16 6NU22%
SW18 5AP67%
TA6 5JQ42%
RG41 5AT55%
CT4 6UL52%
GU2 4EP45%
GU2 4AW45%